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David W. Pfaff 

Golf Course Architect

Design Philosophy

My fundamental philosophy concerning golf course design is that it should take advantage of the natural features of the land available. The designer's biggest challenge is to get the golf corridors, greens, and tees situated properly on the land to keep earthmoving at a minimum, incorporate natural features, and make the golf course enjoyable. Every golf course setting has its own personality and the Architect must be sensitive to it from the beginning.

Each golf course design should be approached considering the available budget, type of course desired by the owner, types of players anticipated by age, skill level, etc.; maintenance costs and control, water management, and taking advantage of what nature offers through the land.

I am convinced that the quality of a golf course design is directly related to the amount of time the designer spends on the site before finalizing the design and during construction. I schedule my work to allow the proper amount of my personal time on each project I take on.

I offer a very unique design service. The obvious benefits being that I have the personal capability to provide:
  • Complete Land-Use Planning
  • Detailed Construction Plans
  • Cost Estimates and Construction Schedules
  • Contractor Bid Analysis and Negotiations
  • Preliminary Engineering and Field Staking
  • Field Supervision
  • Artistic Renderings
This makes my services substantially more affordable to my clients than other designers with staffs of specialists in each of those fields.

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